service and Maintenance

Admore Air Conditioning Provides a Full Complement of Critical Service and Maintenance Programs to keep your systems, operating cost effectively with
optimum efficiency and meeting all environmental protocols Our service department is controlled and operated by service manager Justin Gibb. We have a group of highly skilled, well trained and licensed service technicians who operate our new fleet of vehicles which are all equipped with state of the art global positioning systems (GPS), which gives Admore the edge in dispatching service technicians to the problem site in the shortest amount of
Our goal in service is to get your equipment back in operation as quickly as possible. That's why all of our service technicians are constantly updated with with the latest service equipment and attend seminars on the latest technology of the industry.

Preventive-Maintenance Programs
We provide comprehensive preventive maintenance programs to increase equipment, system and component useful service life, minimize failure and promote maximum energy efficiency.

Retrofit and Replacement
We provide turnkey replacement of existing systems or equipment and/or alterations or modifications to incorporate partial usage of current systems utilizing latest technology and equipment availability in phase or single project.

24/7- 365 Emergency Service
We provide round the clock emergency service with expedient response to effectively diagnose, repair and make safe and operational all HVAC systems and equipment

Diagnostic Evaluations
We provide independent appraisal and valuation of existing systems or components, using our certified technicians with emphasis on life cycle, operating cost and reliability.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis
We provide comprehensive analysis of all systems and or components with single emphasis on developing timeline of operational cost vs useful service life.

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